#014 Protecting marine life with a simple use of light

20% of the world population depends on fish to get their protein, causing overfishing and tremendous waste of 'by-catch'. Dan Watson felt frustrated by how slowly progress was being made in this industry to reduce by-catch and is now protecting marine life with simple use of light.
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#016 A clever alternative to plastic packaging

Single use plastic packaging for food is already a huge global disaster recently exacerbated by the current climate and the need for more take away food alternatives. We meet SoluBlue, a company who have a clever design for a new material composed from seaweed which behaves just like plastic but quickly biodegrades and is totally safe for marine life.
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#024 Revolutionising Energy Recovery

Enjay is the first company in the world to use the hot exhaust air produced by a kitchen to then minimise operation costs of restaurants. They have developed a product called Lepido which will be shaking up the restaurant industry by enabling profitable energy recovery from kitchen ventilation systems.
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