#009 What if your clothes could talk?

What would they say? Would they disclose what is in their DNA? Or disclose that the textile industry is responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emission a year? With the circularity.ID label clothes can tell us what needs to be done to solve this problem.
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#014 Protecting marine life with a simple use of light

20% of the world population depends on fish to get their protein, causing overfishing and tremendous waste of 'by-catch'. Dan Watson felt frustrated by how slowly progress was being made in this industry to reduce by-catch and is now protecting marine life with simple use of light.
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#016 A clever alternative to plastic packaging

Single use plastic packaging for food is already a huge global disaster recently exacerbated by the current climate and the need for more take away food alternatives. We meet SoluBlue, a company who have a clever design for a new material composed from seaweed which behaves just like plastic but quickly biodegrades and is totally safe for marine life.
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#024 Revolutionising Energy Recovery

Enjay is the first company in the world to use the hot exhaust air produced by a kitchen to then minimise operation costs of restaurants. They have developed a product called Lepido which will be shaking up the restaurant industry by enabling profitable energy recovery from kitchen ventilation systems.
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