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Rethink the way you live, love, travel and consume.

When buying something new, how do you choose wisely? These products are beautiful from the outside and the inside.

Carefully selected and evaluated by us on their circularity, social and environmental impact. Some materials already had a previous life before they were used for these items. Sustainable brands do not only source well, they also improve the life cycle, enable us to reuse and recycle the products and are keen on remanufacturing. Circular brands we simply love!

Circular stories:

#009 What if your clothes could talk?

What would they say? Would they disclose what is in their DNA? Or disclose that the textile industry is responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emission a year? With the circularity.ID label clothes can tell us what needs to be done to solve this problem.
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Do something that makes your kids proud.

Dr. Sebastian Porkert, Founder ECOFARIO

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Walk the talk. Our professional community is helping brands to go and grow circular. People like you and me. Driven to make a positive impact.

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